Social Media for Non-profits

Great Social Media Video for Non-Profits

What is Social Media?

Social media encompasses a myriad of online technology tools. The first names that come to mind are usually social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, however, email, blogs, and podcasts are all considered to be social media tools.

Why is Social Media Important for Non-profits?

Non-profits, just like all businesses, need to engage with their audience. These can be donors, volunteers, those effected by the non-profit or cause and community members in general. Social media allows non-profits to easily connect, on a regular basis, and get feedback on how they are doing.

There are some important aspects for nonprofit organizations to recognize about these tools, principally, that they are interactive. Read our article on 15 tips to utilize social media with your fundraising campaigns.

Getting Started with Social Media

Is your organization thinking about going on Facebook or starting a blog? And what’s all the noise about Twitter? To learn about social media and why you should consider it, check out the super helpful Social Media Tutorials for Non-Profits created by the good people at Case Foundation. An easier intro to these powerful tools could not exist. So go check them out and get your Social Media feet wet.

DoJiggy Non-profit Websites

All DoJiggy non-profit fundraising websites and school websites include social media sharing links, for easy social media sharing. Start engaging your audience and promote your cause with social media.

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