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LSS Community Care Centers Walkathon Success

Walkathon software for LSS community care center

Richard Newcomb, an expert at event planning, shares how Lutheran Social Services Community Care Centers more than met their expectations in their latest fundraiser by using walkathon software.

DoJiggy: Tell us about your cause.

Richard:  I’ve been organizing golf tournaments for 22 years for large corporations, non profit organizations, and churches. I contact the organizations and offer my expertise in tournament planning as a means of raising money for the charity of their choice. Most organizations are ecstatic about having this opportunity, as they often do not have event planning for this purpose.

I have recently been targeting agencies that represent sports celebrities. These individuals often are looking for a way to publicly promote the charitable causes they support, and tournaments are a great way to do so.

What kind of special event fundraising do you do to support your mission?

We have walk-a-thons, phone-a-thons, Cajun dinner fundraisers and golf tournaments. With DoJiggy, we have hosted several walk-a-thons.

Walk us through the planning process.

We rally the support of our area advisory council several months in advance. We solicit volunteers to help support our efforts to market and promote the event. We design, print and e-mail flyers, posters and announcements to area churches and previous participants.

Did you reach out to local sponsors?

Just one sponsor: Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. They donated $2,000 to our cause.

Did you do any advertising to get participants?

We sent out posters, flyers and e-mails to area churches and members to spread the word and sign up participants.

How did DoJiggy help in the organizing of your event?

DoJiggy helped us map out an entirely new strategy to reach more participants and increase donations per participant. Previous planning required the printing and distribution of walk-a-thon envelopes, which required manual face-to-face handouts. However, with the help of DoJiggy’s online walkathon software, our planning process was streamlined and much more efficient.

Tell us about your success… How many participants? How much did you raise? Did you accomplish your goals?

Thanks to DoJiggy’s amazingly affordable internet based package, we were able to more than double our number of participants this year. We had 59 website participants, plus about 20 “traditional method” (envelopes and checks) participants. Last year we raised $7,500 and this year, we were able to raise over $28,000! Our donations per participant were double the previous year.

We set a VERY lofty goal of $30,000, because we believed in the DoJiggy product, and we achieved that goal with the addition of the $2,000 sponsor donation!

Any advice to other organizations?

Have faith in the DoJiggy product to work for you. Some event participants will be reluctant to embrace new technology (internet based) for your fundraising. Find the people who are excited about it and get them pumped up. They will lead by example and the others will follow. In addition, having a strong marketing minded individual head up the effort is invaluable. Just having a website will not guarantee success. You and your volunteer team need to drive traffic to the site.

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