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Flower Bulb Fundraisers for Spring

Flower Bulb Fundraisers make great spring fundraisers. The very definition of spring, “an early or flourishing stage of development”, makes a flower fundraiser relevant.

Is your nonprofit, school, church or community organization looking for opportunities to raise additional funds for developmental programs and/or a growing awareness of your cause? Spring is a great season for fundraising. With more hours of daylight, new growth, and a time of renewal…people are in fresh spirits and willing to lend an extra helping hand. With that in mind…we’ve done some research and plan to focus our blog entries this week on offering “fresh ideas” to assist you with your spring fundraising planning efforts.

Flower bulb Fundraisers

With sunshine, daylight and growth in in mind…smell the scents of this fresh idea, and consider this as an alternative to your standard sales-based fundraising initiatives. It’s the season for planting, gardening, and landscaping. Why not sell flower bulbs, plants, trees and fresh herbs?

Host a Plant-a-thon

In fact, take it to the next level and host a plant-a-thon. Find volunteers in your organization who know some basics about planting flowers and herbs and ask them to donate their time to help others in the community create the perfect garden. If you are having a hard-time finding volunteers, reach out to a local landscaping or floral shop. Have members of your organization raise pledges for the plant-a-thon event. The plant-a-thon event can offer a variety of flower displays with packages of bulbs to purchase, in addition to potted plants and herbs for those who don’t have a garden. Have volunteers on staff to offer recommendations and suggestions. Your organization can also invest in selling kits to help with your planning efforts which include checklists, order forms, planting instructions, delivery bags, and more.

A fun element of your plant-a-thon could include an area to “hire out a service”. People could talk with a professional about hiring their service to come out to help with planting or landscaping. These services should offer discounted rates as an event special and donate either all or a percentage of their proceeds to your fundraiser.

More Spring Fundraising Ideas

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Start a Fundraising campaign

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