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Spring Fundraising Ideas #2: Easter Fundraisers

Easter is the oldest Christian holiday and the most important day of the church year. What a great time to reach out to your community to celebrate with Easter Fundraisers?  And, It’s not too late! There’s still a few weeks until Easter.

Easter Fundraisers

Easter Fundraisers

How about an Easter Basket Fundraising Event?  Easter is one of those special occasions that doesn’t require months in advance of shopping (like Christmas).  Offer an “Easter Goodie” fundraising sale after your Sunday church service or community event. People are always looking for convenience…so why not purchase their Easter necessities from you where they can contribute to a good cause and avoid making a separate trip to the store? Your fundraiser can include: custom baskets, chocolate bunnies, rubber duckies, jelly beans, Easter egg decorating kits, and religious items (if you should choose to include items such as: rosaries, little bibles, etc).  Consider hosting a fun Easter Basket and Egg Decorating class for a small donation fee, where members can learn tips about making home-made baskets, unique gifts and fun egg-decorating tips.

Another idea would be to plan an Easter Feast or pot-luck event.  On Wikipedia, Easter is “the most important annual religious feast in the Christian liturgical year”.  So engage members of your community with a large feast.  Have each member provide donated food, drinks, entertainment, etc.  Charge a donation fee for the event.  This is not only a great way to raise money for your cause, but creates a social environment where people in your community to gather and celebrate together.

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