Fundraising that Mirrors your Mission

A young woman hula hoops to support a Hawaiian dance program.Probably one of the most important questions that begins your fundraising initiative is “How are we going to fundraise?” Albeit creativity, resources—people, time, and monetary—and scope & scale are important considerations, the most successful campaigns tie into the heart of your organization.

Fundraising that mirrors your mission aligns the acquisition of your funding and resources with your organization’s most deeply held beliefs and values. Not only can you raise money for your organization and raise awareness for your cause, but when fundraising mirrors your mission, your supporters are more likely to become engaged and supportive of your event. Why? Simply because as stake-holders and supporters, they are dedicated to your mission and values.

Here are some creative, mission-driven fundraising ideas that we have seen here at DoJiggy:

  • Environmental organizations hosting hike-a-thons in beautiful wilderness areas
  • A writer’s group hosting a write-a-thon
  • A film festival hosting a 24 hour movie viewing
  • Yoga organizations hosting a yoga-a-thon – marathon yoga or sun salutation sessions

The DoJiggy resource center offers more information on creating a customized a-thon event and creative fundraising ideas.