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Get the ball rolling on sports fundraising this summer!Summer is officially here, and with that numerous summer sporting events! Softball and baseball teams have started games, summer soccer leagues have kicked-off, summer dance and gymnastics classes have begun, swim lessons are in full stroke, and the list goes on and on. Children are learning all about dedication, setting goals, practicing to improve their play, and learning the values of teamwork.

Along with all these fun summer activities comes various costs. Sporting teams have a great deal of expenses such as: team uniforms, new equipment and training tools, and costs to cover tournaments and competitions.  Parents often find themselves scrambling to save extra money to fund these sports. For this reason, many sports team provide fundraising opportunities to help team members raise money to cover these costs.

There are many different options for youth sports fundraisers today. Baseball and softball teams may begin reaching out to local business for team sponsorship, a local dance studio may choose to host a “dance-a-thon” to raise funds for a national competition, a youth sports group may host a charity mini-golf touranment, or perhaps you’ve seen fundraising car wash to support summer soccer leagues…the options are endless. We’ve put together some ideas of popular sports fundraising initiatives to help you identify the right type of fundraiser for your team, and provide you with some tips and guidelines to help you be more successful in your fundraising efforts.

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