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School Fundraising TipsHow to create a successful school fundraiser – School Fundraising Tips.

Many teachers and parents look to school fundraising campaigns as an excellent way to bring in additional funds for school programs and educational resources.  Not only can school fundraisers raise thousands of dollars to support your schools’ cause, but fundraisers also teach children about community service. Students learn to work together to accomplish set goals, and with the right kind of planning, they’ll learn that helping out can be fun and rewarding.

Keep in mind that the fundraiser you host conveys a message about your school. Be sure to ask yourself what message you want to communicate and the lessons you’ll be teaching students through your fundraising campaign.  You may want to re-evaluate your decision if you choose to host a hot dog eating contest to bring in funding for a new physical education program.

We’ve outlined a few tips below to help you plan for a successful school fundraiser:

Tip 1 – Identify your audience:

Consider organizing a fundraiser that will appeal to your students.  Ask yourself, “what do they enjoy doing” and create a fundraising campaign that will engage student and parent participation.  Consider offering incentives to motivate students and increase your success.

Tip 2 – Set Goals:

Determine how much money your school needs, estimate costs to produce your fundraiser, and set timelines to ensure you accomplish your goals on time.  Allow participants to set personal and team goals to instill motivation.

Tip 3 – Create awareness:

Raise community awareness of your cause and fundraising initiative.  Create a plan to promote your fundraiser through your networks via your web site, social networking, flyers, email blasts, postings on event calendars and community bulletins, and distribute a press release to local media outlets.

Tip 4 – Ask for help:

Reach out to the local community for volunteers and sponsorships.  Ask parents to assist with planning and volunteering their time at the fundraising event, and approach local businesses for sponsorship opportunities. You should also encourage sponsors, volunteers and parents to help spread the word.

Tip 5 –  Track your success:

As with any event or campaign, you’ll want tools to help you manage and track the success of your event, so you can make improvements in the future.  Online software tools can assist your staff with managing the various planning details of the fundraiser, collecting secure online donations, and generating reports to track the success of your fundraiser.

For more guidelines on how to plan a successful fundraiser, read our fundraising tips.  Visit our school fundraising resources for more creative fundraising ideas for your school group, plus free tools and templates.

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