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Crowdfunding for Community Colleges

Crowdfunding for Community CollegesCommunity colleges educate people of all ages across the country, and have always offered a more affordable way for students to obtain a higher education.  In recent years, community college enrollments have increased as people seek to learn new skills in our challenging economy, at a more affordable cost.  Even those seeking a four-year degree may choose to begin their education at a local community college as they know they can receive a quality education at a lower cost.

Recently, community colleges are facing financial challenges with federal and states budget cuts.  This has forced community colleges to seek new and entrepreneurial ways to receive funding through community outreach and pursing new, innovative fundraising campaigns.  If communities can begin to support community colleges through funding scholarships, this may help off-set the large rising costs that are keeping many students from completing their education.  Communities need to see the long-term value that their financial contributions will have.  By investing in education, one is investing in the future of their community.

Utilizing Crowdfunding for Community Colleges

Often Community colleges have a large number of supporters. These people may be students, alumni, teachers, volunteers, board members or community members. Before crowdfunding came around, these people would help by donating their time or money to help in the planning and execution of fundraising campaigns. However, they weren’t necessarily brought into the Community college’s mission as active fundraisers. By utilizing crowdfunding for your Community colleges, you can take your fundraiser one large step further. Now supporters can not only be advocates for your cause by volunteering their time or making personal donations, they can actually help you raise money by reaching out to their personal networks and requesting donations. This not only increases your potential for raising donations exponentially, it also generates awareness for your school or cause giving you exposure to new markets and new supporters.

Benefits of Crowdfunding for Community Colleges

What are the Benefits of Crowdfunding for Community Colleges
  • Crowdfunding allows your supporters to expand their reach and share their stories with a greater number of people, all while engaging participants directly in their fundraising campaign.
  • As individuals actively fundraise on the college’s behalf, it decreases the need for staff time, while increasing the connection that the individual has with the mission and the nonprofit itself.
  • It is a unique way of empowering individuals to raise funds on their own, with more of a supporting role in the fundraising approach for organizational staff.
  • While it’s a superb way to fundraise, crowdfunding can help your mission ‘friend’ raise as well. When a supporter participates in a crowdfunding campaign, it allows more people to understand the importance of your Community college’s mission, the lives that are touched, and the needs that are met through raising vital funds and expanding reach through knowledge and exposure.

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