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Fundraising is Key for Community Colleges

Community colleges educate people of all ages across the country, and have always offered a more affordable way for students to obtain a higher education.  In recent years, community college enrollments have increased as people seek to learn new skills in our challenging economy, at a more affordable cost.  Even those seeking a four-year degree may choose to begin their education at a local community college as they know they can receive a quality education at a lower cost.

Recently, community colleges are facing financial challenges with federal and states budget cuts.  This has forced community colleges to seek new and entrepreneurial ways to receive funding through community outreach and pursing new, innovative fundraising campaigns.  If communities can begin to support community colleges through funding scholarships, this may help off-set the large rising costs that are keeping many students from completing their education.  Communities need to see the long-term value that their financial contributions will have.  By investing in education, one is investing in the future of their community.

Visit our university fundraising resource center for some creative college fundraising ideas, as well as general fundraising tips,  “how to” guidelines, and various downloadable templates.

For more information about recent trends in community college fundraising, read the following article posted on fundraisinggoodtimes, where Robert McDonald, member of the California Community Colleges Board of Director discusses his advocacy for supporting community college fundraising efforts.

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