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University Fundraising

University Fundraising – Well it’s back to school for most university students. Over the next few weeks students will be busy moving into the dorms, buying books, preparing for class, and adjusting to the new independent lifestyle.

University Fundraising

In addition to preparing for the basics, students will also be seeking new social groups to mingle with. The infamous Greek system “Rush” is just around the corner, Fall sports are kicking into gear, and in a few weeks it will already be homecoming!

For those students and student groups looking to raise some extra dollars to support programs for the year, now is a good time to think about university fundraising! Why not capitalize on the excitement going on the next few weeks? If you wait until too late in the season to conduct your college fundraiser, there’s a chance people may be burnt out. Jump in while the kettle’s hot! Not only is there a genuine excitement on campus, but there’s a larger audience. Reach out to parents who are visiting campus and getting students settled in. They may be willing to pitch in a little to help fund programs and activities for their child.

There are plenty of great college fundraising ideas. Think of things that people need while they are moving in. How about selling one of life’s necessities to raise money for your cause….such as toilet paper. Your group buys a truckload of toilet paper at wholesale prices and then pre-sells rolls of paper to other groups stocking up for the school year (i.e. fraternity & sorority houses or dorms) Keep some extra on-hand and offer individual packs for sale in high-traffic areas. What better way for students to avoid a trip to the store if they can pick up a needed roll on the way home from class? Use funny slogans to promote your cause, such as “Help wipe out hunger!”

Another fun college fundraiser could be to organize a fun “Welcome to College” fundraising event to kick-off the school year. Partner with a local restaurant, and provide free appetizers and discounted drinks. This is a great way for the restaurant to introduce themselves to the large campus population, hoping to get repeat business in the future. You can raise money by charging a small entrance fee, and hosting a fundraising raffle at the event. And this is also a great way to socialize with the student population. Be sure to promote your event on school event calendars, bulletins, online, etc.

How about a fundraising discount card? College students are usually always looking for great deals. A discount card is a wallet-size card that offers discounts at local and national merchants on campus. People purchase the card for a small fee (i.e. $10) and they save throughout the year. The card pays for itself over and over. The card can be sold at events, in the cafeteria, and around campus. Cards can be customized with slogans and logos for your group, and you can also list a URL in case people might be interested in making an online donation.
For more creative ideas and to learn more about hosting a university fundraiser, read through our useful school fundraising resources (including sample templates, forms, “how to” guidelines).

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