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Healthy Fundraising Options for Schools

While the primary objective in running a school fundraiser is to raise funds for your school or school organization, it’s also important to think about the lessons that kids are learning while participating in fundraisers. With childhood obesity on the rise, nobody really needs more cookie dough or candy bars! More and more schools are looking for healthy fundraising options.

Healthy Fundraising Options

With this in mind, why not try these ideas for school fundraisers that will really get your kids moving:

  • Walk-a-thon – get parents, teachers and students together walk for a cause. lots of schools are doing it!
  • Swim-a-thon – great for swim teams or teaching kids how to swim for safety
  • Serve-a-thon – an excellent way for children to give back to their community while raising funds for their school
  • March-a-thon – what a fun, active fundraiser for high school marching bands!

There are plenty of other great ideas for healthy, active fundraisers including a fundraising scavenger hunt or relay race, a charity mini-golf tournament or community car wash or yard sale fundraiser.  DoJiggy shares plenty of other healthy school fundraising event ideas, resources and tools for schools, and online fundraising software solutions to help you plan & manage your school fundraiser!

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