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School Fundraising Safety Tips

Many schools participate in school fundraising campaigns to help supplement income for school resources, extracurricular activities and development programs.  There are many fundraising options out there including fundraising sales contests, school carnivals, and a variety of fundraising events such as a community bake-sale or car wash, a parent/student charity golf tournament or school walk-a-thon… Regardless of the fundraising campaign you choose, be sure to consider child safety.

School Fundraising

Here are some safety fundraising tips to keep children safe:

1. Be Smart — Use your common sense!

2. Do not sell after dark.

3. Use the buddy system…never sell alone.

4.  Do not give out personal phone numbers or email addresses. If people want to “think about” whether or not they can make a donation, provide a flyer with information about your cause & direct them to a fundraising website where they can make an online donation.

5. Think of safe ways to reach out to potential donors: i.e. Make a list of friends, family, relatives, and neighbors to contact rather than going door-to-door sales to strangers.

6. Keep parents involved with each fundraising activity.  Make the fundraiser interesting for the whole family.  Have a kick-off fundraising rally to get everyone excited and explain to parents how key their involvement is…not only for their child to be more successful in raising donations, but also for their safety.

7. Monitor online activity: Promoting fundraising through social networking is a great way to extend your potential reach, however, be sure to work with your child to make sure they are reaching out through reliable blogs and online portals.  Review online postings to be sure your child is explaining the cause of the fundraiser, using appropriate photos, and directing people to an online fundraising page vs. a personal email.

8. Talk to your child about their message delivery. Etiquette is important. Including “please” and “thank you” & having a practiced “pitch” to explain the purpose for the fundaising event will help protect them from rude remarks from potential donors.

9. If conducting an online fundraiser, use a reliable and credible online fundraising software solution that provides secure payment processing.

10. Collecting payment: In general, do not carry large amounts of cash, and never allow children to carry collected money unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Ask for checks as a substitute for cash & be sure to take a phone number in case the check does not go through.  The safest option may be to direct people to an online page to make online donations via credit card.

For more guidelines to help you host a successful school fundraiser plus creative school fundraising ideas and tips, visit our school fundraising resource center!

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