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Parents are Great School Fundraisers!

Parents are very important to the schools and communities they serve…specifically when it comes to supporting educational programs for their children.  For this reason,  PTO & PTA fundraisers are some of the most successful school fundraisers.  Why? Parents are invested in the future of their children, they are embedded in various social networks within community, and they have relationships with local business…all of which are important when it comes to raising additional dollars to fund school programs.

Parents are Great School Fundraisers

In order for parent groups (such as: PTA & PTO) to be successful with their fundraising campaign, they need to work closely with school administrators and students to determine goals, set budgets, manage timelines and organize the various details of the fundraising campaign.

Below we’ve outlined a few important factors parents should consider when planning their school fundraiser:

  • Consider the age and interests of your students to help guide you when selecting your fundraising initiative!  Planning a fundraising event that appeals to participants will not only motivate them to obtain more donations, but will create a fun fundraising environment.  See PTA Fundraising Ideas
  • What is your budget for producing the fundraiser? What are the upfront costs and how will your organization cover these?
  • What resources do you have including: Parents, volunteers, local business & media relationships that can assist with sponsorships and spreading awareness of your cause.
  • What are your plans for promoting the fundraiser? Networking, social media, community relationships, sponsorships from local businesses, postings on event calendars, email blasts, website links, school gatherings, etc.
  • What message and skills are you teaching students through your fundraising campaign?
  • How will you motivate participants? Will there be any prizes or awards for top performers?
  • What tools/resources (i.e. online fundraising software) will you use to collect donations and manage all the planning details of your fundraiser?  * Not only can these online tools help you plan and manage your fundraiser, but will also help students extend their reach for donation requests “beyond the neighborhood”

Be Aware of Over Fundraising:

Since many school groups plan fundraisers, and not all are organized by parent/teacher groups, PTA members need to be aware of ongoing fundraising efforts throughout the school so students, parents and community members don’t get burnt out.  Limiting the number of school fundraisers will help increase the potential success of each individual fundraising campaign. Similarly, schools need to be aware of what fundraisers neighboring schools are planning so they can create a unique fundraiser that does not directly compete with others. This will also prevent too many groups from “selling” to the same market and tapping into the same pool of volunteers and resources.

Visit DoJiggy’s site for more school fundriasing resources including helpful tips, creative fundriasing ideas, and downloadble templates!

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