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Using Golf to improve well-being of Seniors

The Touchmark Foundation was founded to enhance the well-being of seniors, a population traditionally underserved in mainstream philanthropy. The Foundation focuses on two priorities:

  1. Increasing and retaining the number of nurses to care for the rapidly increasing senior population.
  2. Providing programs to improve the physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual lives of seniors.

Well-being of Seniors with old lady

Senior Care

The Touchstone Foundation recognizes that by 2030, the number of Americans over 65 will increase by 30 million and account for 20 percent of the total population. With an aging population and a shortage of healthcare practitioners, the Touchstone Foundation leads the way in senior care.  They’ve created scholarships for nursing students and developed programs to support senior’s vision needs and the well-being of seniors. They’ve initiated a balance program that addresses fall reduction in seniors.  The Touchstone Foundation also runs an annual holiday food box project to help alleviate hunger in seniors and families.

In order to strengthen development, the Touchmark Foundation began bringing friends together on a golf course. To date, the Touchmark Foundation Golf Tournament has generated more than $100,000 to support the foundation’s mission. For the 2010 Tournament, organizers weren’t expecting solid sponsorship given a late start and a small committee. However, the group more than met their expectations thanks to online golf management software. Julie Myles, Executive Assistant, explains:

“The online component was essential. We were able to see when a sponsorship came in right away, which was really nice. Golf Registrations is an amazing tool for keeping track of everything. The reports are helpful and easy to use. We merely had to print our transaction report and send it off to the accounting department. The overall management of the event was much easier to facilitate by having everything in one place.”

Like most organizations, Ms. Myles shares that the Touchmark Foundation has felt the affect of a struggling economy in the last few years. In fact, they did not hold a tournament last year because of low response. However, given the online capabilities, the planning group was able to keep costs low and easily reach out to sponsors and participants. Ms. Myles shares,  “Although we had less sponsorships than in previous years, we were still able to get over 100 participants and raise over $13,000. We were striving to break even this year, and we were certainly able to do that!”


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