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Ideas for Thanksgiving Fundraiser

Thanksgiving is a time of “being thankful and giving thanks”.  During this time, we remind one another of our good fortunes, and we become more conscious of those in need.  With this giving spirit in mind, why not consider hosting a Thanksgiving Fundraiser for your organization?

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Thanksgiving Walk-a-thon

With all the “stuffing” that typically takes place during Thanksgiving (and I’m not talking about the stuffing that goes INSIDE the turkey), consider a fundraising activity that helps people feel good and get their blood flowing after overindulging in food, gravy, and pies.  Plan your walk-a-thon the Friday following Thanksgiving dinner.  Collect online pledges weeks in advance, using walk-a-thon software. Not only is this a great way to bring your community together, but with Thanksgiving being a popular time for families to convene, this can also be a great family-bonding experience.  Ask a local grocery store or bakery to sponsor your event.  Perhaps they’d be willing to set up donation jars in support of your cause the week leading up the event –when there’s lots of foot traffic picking up extra items for our thanksgiving feasts!  Check out these free walk-a-thon resources for more tips, sample templates, and guidelines to help you plan your walk-a-thon event.

Thanksgiving Auction

Thanksgiving is a great time to host a charity auction.  Consider asking a Mall to sponsor your event.  Perhaps they’d let you host the auction on-site the weekend after Thanksgiving (the busiest shopping weekend of the year). Look to local retailers to donate gift certificates or large-price items like televisions for busy upcoming holiday shoppers.  Auction off services!  From holiday decorating and gift-wrapping services to offering babysitting services so parents can get their shopping done. These can be very desirable items, and are usually easy to get at “no-cost” as volunteers enjoy helping others.  Lastly, with Football season in full-stride, don’t forget to consider items such as game tickets or autographed memorabilia…these items could bring in some high-dollar bids!  Check out our online charity auction resources for other No Risk Auction Items, auction tips, creative silent auction ideas, sample bid sheets and templates.

If these ideas don’t tickle your fancy, there are plenty of other fundraising ideas and useful fundraising resources to help you with your planning!

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