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Online Fundraising – A Global Campaign

Global Campaign

Online fundraising is a global extension of a traditional fundraising campaign.  Through integrating new online tools, organizations may be able to achieve greater financial results, increase efficiencies in managing fundraising events, and reach more potential participants and donors creating a Global Campaign.  With the online fundraising software tools available today, organizers can streamline processes and seamlessly manage all the moving parts of a Global Campaign in less time, using fewer resources, while reaching a global audience.

How does a Global Campaign work?

Hosting your fundraiser on the World Wide Web opens your campaign to a global audience.  The Internet provides  your organization with an opportunity to launch a “one-stop” fundraising HUB where all information can be shared and data can be stored about the fundraiser. Organizations create an online fundraising website customized with pictures, logos and statements that explain the cause for the fundraiser, and all event details including: date, time, location with links to maps, etc. The website provides capabilities for processing all transactions including: participant registration, sponsor and volunteer sign-up, hosting event check-lists and calendars, generating administrative reports, and providing a secure place for donors to make online financial contributions.

Another wonderful benefit of online fundraising is the ability to extend your reach beyond your local community (neighbors, local businesses, co-workers, family and friends).  With online fundraising, participants are able to reach people across the world by posting links to their online fundraising site through social networking and sending email donation requests.  Asking people to “share” your site and forward donation requests will help spread the word through even more networks, allowing your organization to reach an exponentially larger “virtual” audience.

Visit DoJiggy for more information about online fundraising software, or to review a number of helpful fundraising resources including “how-to” guidelines, creative fundraising ideas, and free downloadable templates.

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2 thoughts on “Online Fundraising – A Global Campaign

  1. Working with a on-line based fund raising company would open the donations door to the world. The problem that I see, is providing donors with a safe and secure way to send funds through the internet. Would I need to create a merchant account or do these online based companies provide that service?

  2. You are absolutely right that you will want to do some research to ensure you provide donors with a safe and secure way to make online contributions. DoJiggy partners with approved Internet payment gateways to ensure clients receive secure, reliable payment processing services. This also allows customers use their own merchant account and banking relationships. Some companies process payments directly and take a percentage of transaction fees…so be sure to look at the different payment-processing options vendors provide when making your decision to take your fundraising campaign online.

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