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Fundraising Terminology 101

A vital part of the fundraising process is the research involved in determining the right fundraising program for your group. Many of the folks we deal with are new to fundraising and they’re learning on the fly. There is a steep learning curve and some of the fundraising terminology can be confusing. There are a plethora of fundraising ideas (not to mention fundraising companies) to choose from, and it definitely helps to know common terminology when navigating the fundraising waters.

Fundraising Terminology

Below are some fundraising terms you may come across that you should know about:

Fundraising Incentives – Incentives are what fundraising groups will use to help motivate their participants to sell. The type of incentives used will vary from group to group. Some groups will use a formal prize incentive programs which students will receive prizes from a brochure if they reach a certain goal. Other groups will use other motivating factors such as pizza parties, limo rides, concert tickets and other goodies as their fundraising incentive.

Fundraising Kick Off – The fundraising kick off is common with school fundraisers. This is the event that rallies the fundraising participants at the beginning of the fundraiser. Some groups hold an elaborate event for their kick off featuring guest motivational speakers and entertainment. Other groups will do school-wide announcements via newsletters, email blasts and website posting.

Direct Sale Fundraiser – A direct sale fundraiser is when groups have a product in hand that is then sold to their customers for a profit. The groups are taking on inventory of a product.  Common direct sale fundraisers are candy bars, discount cards, and customized merchandise (clothing, hats, keys chains, etc.).

Pre-Sale Fundraiser – A pre-sale fundraiser is when the selling is done from a brochure. Brochures are provided for each fundraising participant. The selling is usually done for a 2 to 3 week period. Your customers will place their orders with your group. Once the selling period is complete, your group will place the order with the fundraising company. Some examples of pre-sales are cookie dough fundraisers, coffee fundraiser and candle fundraisers.

Student Packing – Student packing is a fundraising delivery option where the products are pre-sorted and labeled for each student—so there is no sorting or labeling that the school needs to do on distribution day. Each student will have his or her own box, clearly labeled with his or her name.

AFRDS – This is an abbreviation for the Association of Fundraising Distributors and Suppliers. The AFRDS is the leading trade association for the fundraising industry.

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