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Corporate Fundraising Ideas for Growth

March 20th…the first day of Spring.  Everyone is getting excited about warm weather to come…it’s a perfect time to get people outside to enjoy the weather.  It’s also a great time to focus on growing relationships with business partners and vendors, strengthening the commitment from employees, and reaching out to new possible supporters and donors.  Invest in this idea of growth and launch a Spring Corporate Fundraising campaign with these great corporate fundraising ideas. (Last year, we blogged about a number of spring fundraising ideas for community organizations, so this Spring we are going to share some ideas for Corporate Fundraisers.)

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Three of the Best Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate Golf Events

Corporate golf events are not only a great way to foster better business relationships, but they are also a great way to show appreciation for employees and raise money for your cause….all great ways to grow your business. When organizing a charity golf tournament for your company, keep in mind that the tournament is a representation of your organization…therefore, you’ll want to be organized, and professional.  You’ll also want to make the event something to remember.  Don’t make it all about business…make it fun!  Include course contests to get players involved, and include activities for those who might “not golf”.  Possibly a fundraising BBQ or picnic can take place simultaneously to the golf tournament.   Host a charity auction as part of your fundraiser, providing a way for all employees and business partners to participate.  Proper golf tournament planning tools and online golf tournament software can help you manage all the details of your corporate golf event efficiently and professionally.

Company Walk-a-thons

Another great corporate fundraising event for Spring is hosting a company walk-a-thon. A walk-a-thon event promotes team bonding, community interaction, and provides a great opportunity to raise money for your charity or cause while promoting health and fitness.  It also offers a fun, interactive event during a “work-day” helping your company strengthen support from employees and business partners, and possibly attract interest from local media…helping to grow awareness of your organization and cause.

As far as “fitness goes”- one of the biggest challenges for individuals as Spring approaches is shedding a few of the pounds put on during the cold winter months (when sweaters and snow pants hide the extra “stuff” ) So, why not encourage people to achieve their fitness goals while raising money for a good cause? And, there’s no saying the walk-a-thon has to happen in one day.  Try something new…what about a walk-a-thon marathon where participants are challenged to walk a certain number of miles each week?  It’s very easy to manage with peer-to-peer management software which manages event details and allows participants to easily tracks miles and donations.  This type of event extends the duration of your fundraising campaign and provides additional benefits to participants prolonging their challenge and rewards! Reach out to local businesses (such as fitness clubs or health food stores) to sponsor the event, or donate prizes for a fundraising raffle to include as part of your walk-a-thon event.

Bike-to-Work Week

Bike to Work Days have become popular fundraising events in recent years as people have become more conscious of the effects of global warming, and therefore look for more efficient means to get from point A to point B, such as biking or public transport.

These biking events work especially well for companies located in places where biking and outdoor activities are common. It’s also a great way to strengthen your brand positioning if you are a company that promotes health, fitness, and sustainable living. This type of event is very similar to a bike-a-thon event however happens throughout the duration of a workweek rather than one day. Participants collect pledges based on the total miles they will bike to and from work each day (or donors can also choose to donate a set amount). Bike to Work fundraisers are not only a great way to raise money for your cause, but also create team-building opportunities for participating businesses and reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

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Corporate Fundraising Ideas

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