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Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas

Happy Earth Day!  Since today is Earth Day, we decided to post a fun blog with some unique eco-friendly fundraising ideas.  Keep in mind that these can be implemented any time of the year.  Just because Earth Day only happens once a year, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about ways to lighten our footprint the other 364 days.

Eco-Friendly Fundraising Ideas
Waste-less Auction

If you are hosting a fundraising community picnic or day-time event, you could consider hosting a boxed lunch fundraiser and auction.  Have members of your community volunteer to make the “best boxed lunch”. They can prepare gourmet chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, or maybe they have a secret recipe for the best or biggest sandwich!  Recruit members of your staff to help decorate the boxed lunches. (this could be a really fun activity for school children).  Have them look around their homes for ideas…perhaps they can re-cycle old aluminum lunch boxes, re-usable shopping bags, or abandoned toolboxes or coolers.  Then have them create a fancy lunch box to hold each of the auctioned lunches.  People may end up paying top-dollar for an antique toolbox, even though the lunch inside is only worth a few bucks.  This type of event is very eco-friendly as there is virtually no waste! The lunches are consumed, and the boxed lunches can be recycled or re-used. Since this silent auction idea is so different, it might also be a great way to get media coverage.

Re-purposing Materials

Another fun “eco-friendly” fundraising idea could be to sell re-purposed Gift Bags.  Everyone has some event that requires presents…birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and numerous holidays.  And wrapping paper can be so wasteful!  Encourage members of your group to collect wrapping paper scraps, tissue paper, ribbon and old gift bags.   Then host a fun workshop where you recruit volunteers and group members to design unique gift bags.  Sell these one-of-a-kind gift bags as part of your fundraiser. Or if you don’t have a fundraiser scheduled, partner with a local Mall. Set up a table in the center and sell gift bags and wrapping services for donations or a small fee.  This might be an especially fun idea around the Holidays when numerous gifts need to be wrapped. You could use the same “re-purposed” idea and create table centerpieces to sell around Thanksgiving time, or what about unique baskets for an Easter fundraiser? That might be an especially fun idea for a church fundraiser.  Your congregation can engage children in decorating Easter baskets during Sunday school and then sell the baskets to parents and community members following services the weeks leading up to Easter Sunday.

Eco-Friendly Events with More than One Cause

Create a variation of your walk-a-thon fundraiser, and do “more” than raise money.  Change the theme of your event to a “serve-a-thon” and schedule a day to help clean up the community where you pick up track on city streets or help plant new flowers at a local park.  The fundrasier works just like any “a-thon” event where you collect online pledges to raise money for your cause, but it also benefits your neighbors!  Here’s an example of a current customer that hosts an annual walk-a-thon event “Restore Hetch Hetchy” in support of an environmental cause.

Another idea would be to host a community yard sale where people can recycle old clothes, furniture, etc. instead of sending them to the junk yard. This reduces waste and provides more affordable options for the needy.  These fundraising events not only bring in money to support your cause or charity, but they also provide an opportunity for you to “give-back” to your community and the environment…creating a fundraiser that benefits more than one cause!

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