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Kick-Start Your Sports Fundraising Campaign

With warm weather brings the kick-off of many outdoor sports, providing an opportune time to get the ball rolling to launch a sports fundraising campaign. Whether your team is raising funds for new equipment, uniforms, or travel funds for summer competitions, the following information may help you kick-start your school’s sports fundraiser.

Sports Fundraising Campaign

Important Factors to Consider for Sports Fundraising Campaigns

  • How much volunteer time will the project take? Do you currently have committed parents or other volunteers to assist in your planning process? How will your team recruit more?
  • How will players be involved? What roles can players, parents and coaches play?
  • What are the upfront costs and how will you cover these? Create a fundraising event budget to start.
  • What are you teaching members of your sports team through your fundraising campaign?
  • What kind of prizes are you offering to the top fundraisers? Anything that makes the event more fun for kids, means that your event will be more successful and raise more money.

Sports Fundraising Event Ideas

There are many different options for youth sports fundraisers today. The most important part is that kids have fun and continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Nobody wants to sell more candy bars and cookie dough, right? Here are some ideas by sporting team:

  • Baseball and softball team fundraising ideas may include reaching out to local business for team sponsorship or hosting a hit-a-thon fundraiser
  • A local dance studio may choose to host a dance-a-thon to raise funds for a national competition
  • A youth sports group may host a charity mini-golf tournament
  • Cheerleading and Gymnastics fundraisers include performances and practice marathons
  • Perhaps you’ve seen fundraising car washes to support summer soccer leagues…the options are endless!
  • We’ve put together some great ideas of popular sports fundraising initiatives to help you identify the right type of fundraiser for your team, and provide you with some tips and guidelines to help you be more successful in your fundraising efforts.

More Sports Fundraising Resources

Visit DoJiggy for more helpful guidelines and online fundraising software tools to help you plan and manage your team fundraising events, explore creative ideas for youth sports fundraisers, and read examples for sport-specific fundraisers for baseball, softball, swim, golf, and more.

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