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walk-a-thon softwareWith the warmer weather settling in, walk-a-thons become a popular fundraising event for Spring and Summer. If your organization is considering hosting a walkathon, you’ll likely be looking for a walk-a-thon software package.

Purchasing walk-a-thon software for your event is a big decision. There are a number of factors to consider when making your evaluations. We’ve put together a list of the top criteria you should be looking for.

  1. Easily Customizable with Your Organization’s Look & Feel:  You want your walk-a-thon website to reflect your organization’s identity. Make sure you can customize the template. For instance, can you use your own banner or logo? Does the site allow for your photographs and branding?
  2. You Control the Intake of Your Own Money: Payment processing is handled differently by different vendors. Be sure to ask if you will receive the money directly (vs. being paid later by check) and what percentage of each transaction will be taken by the payment processor. Why pay more for payment processing? This just decreases the amount of money that goes towards your mission. (DoJiggy does not take any percentage off of transactions!)
  3. Pricing Should be Clearly Stated and Affordable:  Be hesitant of companies that don’t provide pricing and require you to call for information. Reputable companies provide this information upfront. Purchasing walk-a-thon software is like making an investment, the purchase should save you money.
  4. Ease of Use: If you are taking an enormous amount of time figuring out the software and setting it up, you’re not saving money.  You’ve simply transferred where you spend your time. Look for a solution that is user friendly, while providing flexibility to meet your needs.
  5. The Software Should Include Free Resources & Support: You will likely need some assistance with your walk-a-thon software. What fundraising resources are available to you? Look for things like chat support and solid FAQs, a knowledge base, and online user manuals….along with hidden fees! Some companies sell you on the product, but then later charge for you for training and customer support.
  6. Social Media Integration:  Adding a Twitter and Facebook application allows walkers to promote themselves to a greater audience. You want your walkers to have multiple opportunities to reach their friends ad families to increase the pool of potential donors.
  7. Does the Company offer Free Software TrialsHow else are you going to know if the software is right for you if you can’t test-drive it first? This is the time to seriously review and compare services. During trial mode, call in to see how knowledgeable staff are and what kind of service they provide.
  8. User Interface for Your Walkers:  Good walk-a-thon software packages these days offer personal fundraising pages for all walkers. These pages generally include a place for the walkers to make their appeal and include a fundraising thermometer that rises as money is raised. Walkers can email friends and family and track their progress online. The more interactive the process, the more engaged and excited your walkers will be.
  9. Customer Examples & Testimonials:  Most established companies offer fundraising website examples to showcase how current customers are utilizing their software.  Check them out! You’ll get some great ideas and a clearer idea if the software will match your expectations. Companies with little experience will not be able to offer strong example sites, and your organization doesn’t want to be their guinea pig.You may also want to look for customer testimonials of satisfied customers.

Learn more about DoJiggy Pledge walk-a-thon software, or find out more information about other online fundraising software solutions for your next fundraising campaign!

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