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Eco-Friendly Fundraising Campaign

Today is a digital age where information is commonly sought and shared online.  In order to make the most of your fundraising campaign, take advantage of this trend, and implement online fundraising software to help you plan and manage your fundraiser. Not only can online software tools help your organization increase efficiency and reduce costs, but taking your fundraiser online can help you create a significantly more eco-friendly fundraising campaign.

Creating an Eco-Friendly Fundraising Campaign

After all, we all have a responsibility to our planet; why not look for ways to improve our fundraising efforts while lightening our footprint on the environment.

How can using fundraising software make a difference?

There are several ways that using fundraising software and websites, instead of paper solutions, can help the environment. Some of these include:

  • Online event registration tools allow participants to sign up online instead of filling out registration forms, helping to reduce waste by minimizing the use of paper printed (If you do have to print materials, be sure to print on recycled paper).
  • Participants are able to collect pledges and donations online, instead of distributing pledge forms to family, friends and neighbors.  Similarly, potential donors are able to make safe, secure online contributions instead of sending a check in the mail.
  • Volunteers and sponsors are able to sign, check schedules, and manage partnerships online instead of filling out paperwork.
  • Event organizers promote the fundraising event through social networking, email campaigns, and viral marketing instead of printing and distributing promotional flyers.
  • A fundraising website hosts all of your event details, allowing for updated and timely information sharing, instead of sending numerous mailings.
  • Fundraising thermometer tracks funds raised against predetermined objectives instilling motivation among participants and donors to reach or exceed goals.
  • Additional ways to raise funds are available online through hosting an online charity auction. Post donated items online and accept bids to raise additional funds for your cause.

Non-Profits and the Environment

Every non profit organization and charitable cause has something worth fighting for—making change for the better by fighting disease, rebuilding a devastated community, helping the needy, saving endangered species, or promoting environmental efforts to slow global warming. Certainly environmental organizations must utilize practices and create events that mirror their mission. Regardless of the specific cause we support, we should all continue to be conscious of ways we can improve our fundraising efforts in order to lighten our footprint on the environment.  With everyone working together…small steps can make a big difference.

Read our recent article for more ideas about “greening your fundraising event”.  Visit DoJiggy for more information about online fundraising software for non-profits.

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