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Payment Processing for Online Fundraising in Canada

Online fundraising in Canada is rapidly growing, and many charities and non profit organizations recognize the importance of utilizing the online channel as a part of their overall fundraising strategy.  Not only does online fundraising allow charities in Canada to reach more potential donors, but online software tools provide registration, event management, and reporting services…as well as the ability to safely and securely process online donations.

Online Fundraising in Canada

However, with any online fundraising campaign, you’ll want to be aware of the type of payment processing integrated with the software solution your organization chooses.

When online fundraising software provider, DoJiggy began servicing Canadian-based customers a few years back, they realized that many companies in Canada were concerned with the existing online payment processing options that served mainly American-based organizations.  Therefore, DoJiggy looked to expand their merchant offerings by partnering with companies that could service Canadian customers with safe, reliable payment processing systems.  DoJiggy currently offers various options for payment processing in Canada. Recommended solutions include:

  • Moneris Solutions is Canada’s largest payment provider offering a single point of contact for all major credit and debit card transactions.  Moneris has worked with many charitable organizations throughout the years, and is a solution trusted by many organizations across North America.
  • Also based in Canada, IATS Ticketmaster provides efficient and secure donation processing services designed specifically for non profit and charitable organizations.  The company services more than 6000 non profit organizations worldwide.

Today many non-profits, faith-based organizations and schools are not only under-served by the payment processing industry, but are being charged higher prices than for-profit business.  “This is because it is a standard practice for fundraising software providers to take a percentage of monies raised for fundraising efforts,” explains Lisa Bennett, director of sales at DoJiggy.  “We offer a structured pricing model that charges a flat-fee with no transaction fees based on registrations, sales, or donations to ensure customers receive funds directly in their pocket with the lowest possible fees.”

Learn more about about the numerous online fundraising software solutions offered for non profit and charitable organizations in Canada.

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