Fundraising Facts & Trends in Canada

A recent survey published by Charity Village News Bytes – shares some interesting facts about fundraising in Canada:

  • Nearly half of Canadians (49%) say they feel happy when they support charitable causes (whether donating time or money), with 14% saying it makes them extremely happy.
  • Almost six in ten Canadians volunteer or give money to charities
  • Canada’s top charitable causes include: providing food and nutrition opportunities to disadvantaged children (29%), helping and protecting animals (20%), and environmental protection (17%).
  • Volunteering occurs most often amongst first-generation Canadians, females, and citizens who are older than 25.

Another recent study, by Pareto Fundraising also recently released the results of their 2010 benchmarking study, which investigated trends in the Canadian charitable sector.  Read Full Story

Summary of Key results include:

  • Monthly giving continues to provide a solid stream of ongoing income for charities. Based on the current growth trajectory, in the next year, monthly giving looks set to overtake cash giving for Canadian charities as the major source of individual funding.
  • Income from planned gifts increased last year (8%) despite the average value of realized bequests slightly falling from $35k to $32k. This represents a huge area of growth for Canadian organizations.
  • The number of new cash donors from direct mail fell in 2009 by 22%. The fall in new donors being recruited is likely due to less prospecting activity, as well as a fall in the number of new recruits coming on board.
  • Online giving continues to grow, however giving online remains a relatively small portion of individual income at only 2%.