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Planning a Fundraising Raffle

If you are organizing any type of fundraiser, planning a fundraising raffle as part of the event is an excellent way to raise more money for your cause.  Fundraising raffles are popular with many different groups, but are typically popular for sports teams, church youth groups, and school fundraising initiatives because they are so easy to organize!  Fundraising raffles also have very minimal costs to produce, and can produce high profit margins.

Fundraising RaffleThe key to keeping costs low is by securing prizes that are donated, so you don’t have to spend money purchasing prizes. You may even find a local printer who would be interested in donating the actual tickets. You’ll also want to source a variety of prizes that will appeal to a broad audience including unique one-of-a kind items.

Here are some prizes that attract attention

  • Sports Memorabilia:  Autographed items from local sports celebrities and/or tickets to sporting events. (especially good for a sports fundraiser).
  • Travel: Free airline tickets or exciting weekend get-way.
  • Gift Certificates:  These are great secondary prizes and could include any local stores, movie theaters or chain restaurants.

Guidelines to help you plan your fundraising raffle

  1. Sourcing Prizes: Reach out to members of your organization and local community to see if anyone has something of value to contribute, or possibly knows a celebrity who could donate autographed memorabilia.  Be sure to contact local businesses that may want to give-back to the community or gain awareness through donating a prize. If you can’t get items donations, you can also consider purchasing great items on consignment.
  2. Raffle Ticket Sales: Raffle ticket prices should be high enough to reflect the value of the prize and raise the funds needed, but shouldn’t be so high that nobody will buy a ticket!
  3. Where to sell Tickets: Consider selling raffle tickets at other activities such as a school carnival, sporting event, or pep rally. Online sales are also a great way to spread the word and collect online donations.
  4. Setting Goals: Decide how much money needs to be raised from the raffle, and encourage participants to set individual goals. Don’t forget to create incentives for students.  Establish milestones that reward students, and possibly even a prizes for top-performers.  This will motivate your group to achieve more.
  5. Managing Donations & Pledges: One of the most important considerations when planning a fundraising raffle is how to successfully manage the money raised through raffle ticket sales and donations.  Sourcing an online fundraising software solution will allow participants to create a personal fundraising page where they can promote their “cause”, track goals, and collect and manage donations online.

Read more information about fundraising raffles, and browse through a variety of fundraising resources and ideas!

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