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Charity Auction Software

An easy way to manage online & live auctions is by choosing a complete web-based auction management system. The focus of this article is to help you in selecting charity auction software with features that will help in making your charity auction a success.

Charity Auction Software

For online charity auctions: Choose an auction software tool that allows your bidders to easily view and learn about items and place bids. You will want a software package that allows you to post pictures, terms and conditions, donor information, and possibly even Buy Now pricing for your auction items. Ease of set-up for the administrator is key when creating your charity auction website.

Live or Online-to-live format auctions: If your organization is hosting a gala or other event with your auction, you will want a site that can also be used to take online registrations for the associated event. When the event day arrives, you’ll simply print the silent auction bid sheets or auction booklet for your event.

Important charity auction software features:

  • You will want to choose charity auction software that is highly customizable. Select one that allows to you to create your own look and feel on your auction site.
  • Auction software with an advanced email management system which allows an administrator to maintain email lists for your bidders and easily track bounces will save you time.
  • A charity auction software tool which integrates with the industry’s top payment processors in managing the intake of your money is important.
  • Detailed financial tracking and reporting is a feature that will help in managing your finances and serve as an archive for next year’s event.
  • Selecting a software package that charges a flat-fee and does not take a percentage of your auction sales or donations will enhance your bottom line.

icon-14The most effective Charity Auction Software available will be an enormous help in making your auction a success.  It is worth the time to do some research and select the best Software in helping you meet your fundraising goals, keeping the suggestions in this article in mind.

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