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Community-Based Fundraising Walk

Community-based fundraisers bring together members of your organization, local businesses, media, and residents in your community to support a worthy cause. They also create an excellent opportunity for networking, providing you with a venue to explain your mission, share stories, and make an emotional appeal to event attendees by showing how they can make a difference through their participation and donations.  Once people feel an emotional connection to your Community-Based Fundraising cause, supporters are more likely to continue to participate year after year, in addition to wanting to share your story with others.

And the effective use of online fundraising software can help you extend the reach of your Community-Based Fundraising event. With the numerous online channels available for spreading awareness of your cause, fundraising is no longer restricted to your local region. Participants, sponsors, and members of participating organizations can educate friends and family everywhere about the community fundraiser, attracting supporters and donations from across the world.

Community-Based Fundraising

The Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community demonstrates community-based fundraising at its finest through producing numerous walk-a-thon events in support of charitable causes throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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