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School Fundraising Promotion 101

As many of you know, the key to a successful fundraiser is all about promotion. No matter how well-executed the planning is, if the fundraiser is not promoted properly, then the chances of success are greatly diminished. In today’s economic environment, there’s a very high chance that your group is not the only group in your community running a fundraiser. You need to be proactive in getting the word out to your community. Below are some proven ways to promote your school fundraiser.

School Fundraising Promotion

Parent Letters – Compose a letter stating the dates, purpose and overview of your fundraiser and send it to every parent in the school. This is a basic school promotional tool, but it’s highly effective. We’ve had many groups just assume that the students will communicate their school’s fundraising activities with their parents. Don’t assume anything! The parents are your main supporters so getting the word out to them is essential.

On Site Promotion – Make sure anyone stepping foot on your school grounds knows about your school fundraiser. Kick-off rallies, posters, PA announcements and anything else you can think of that will keep your fundraising front and center to the students, teachers and parents will further your cause. You obviously will need to work with your school administrators so they can approve your fundraising promotional activity, but be aggressive in getting the word out.

Online Promotion – Using the tools available to you online are now a vital part of fundraising promotion. If you have a website, make your fundraiser front and center on your website. Use a fundraising thermometer to track your group’s fundraising efforts. Social media is a wonderful promotional resource. Post daily updates on your group’s Twitter and Facebook page. If you don’t have one, set one up today. It’s free! Social media promotion is more prevalent in high school fundraisers, but more and more middle schools and elementary schools are getting into the game.

Email Newsletters – If your school has an online newsletter, make sure you get on it. Many groups have their own newsletter they send out. Promoting a fundraiser is a great news items to list on your newsletter. If you have access to a bulk email list, use it to your advantage.

Local Press – Be sure to contact the local newspapers in your community. Most newspapers are eager to know the local events going on at their communities’ schools, so they will be glad to list your fundraising activities / events to their readers. Many newspapers have a local educational beat reporter, so they would be the appropriate resource to contact. Some groups even contact local radio stations to promote their fundraisers. Set your promotional goals high and shoot for the stars! The worst they can say is no.

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