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Summertime Softball Fundraising Ideas

As summer quickly approaches, we notice that many softball and baseball teams are already in full-swing.  From school softball teams, to summer traveling leagues, to co-ed softball groups made up of ex- softball and baseball players…many people enjoy summer evenings under the lights. Regardless of the type of softball league you belong to, there are plenty of softball fundraising initiatives available to help cover fees including: team uniforms, new equipment, training tools, umpire fees, and tournament entry fees.  Below are some softball fundraising ideas to consider.

Hit-A-Thon or Run-a-thon

Softball Fundraising

A perfect theme for a softball fundraiser is a hit-a-thon or run-a-thon. This type of fundraiser works just like any walk-a-thon. Players ask relatives, friends, and neighbors to make a pledge donation to help cover tournament fees, pay for new uniforms, etc.  Pledges can be collected based on how many hits (or runs) the players get during a game.  Teams may also want to extend the fundraiser throughout the duration of the season by tracking individual players hits (or runs) at each game.  This could instill some healthy competition and motivate team members to work harder, get more hits, and win more games.  Feel free to be creative with the event and adjust the theme so it works well for your team.  If calculating pledges “per hit” or “per run” seems too tedious, contributors can also choose to donate a fixed amount. Pledges can be collected at games and pre-season events, or very easily managed through an online fundraising program which allows players to create a personal pledge page where they can collect donations online. Read more about how to host an “a-thon” fundraising event, download sample pledge forms, participant registration, forms, and browse other walk-a-thon resources.

Softball team sponsorships

Securing team sponsorships can provide an excellent way to bring in money for your softball team expenses. Players, coaches and parents can reach out to local businesses to ask for sponsorship donations. Provide benefits to sponsors in exchange for their financial support such as: company logo on team uniforms, links and advertisements from the team web site, and recognition on team trophies and plaques. If a local restaurant comes on board as a sponsor, offer to host team parties at their establishment bringing in new potential regular customers. Ask sponsors permission to set up a donation jar on-site at their establishment to bring in some extra dollars from customers willing to donate their spare change to support your cause.

Plan a Fundraising Event

Planning a softball fundraising event is just like planning a party.  And after all, many summer softball players join leagues for the social aspect of the sport.  Therefore, a summer softball fundraising party is not only a great way to raise funds, but another excuse to bring members of the team together with their families, friends and other residents within their community.  Be sure to invite your sponsors!  This is a great opportunity for them to treat their employees as well as mingle with locals who may become customers.  Events range from an afternoon picnic at the park to a large gala event with catered food and a silent auction. It all depends on your resources, budget and what is of interest to members of your team. If you belong to an adult softball league, you may want to consider a fundraising event that appeals to an older crowd such as a charity poker tournament.

Read more creative fundraising ideas, and browse various resources including: free sample fundraising templates, “how-to” guidelines, fundraising event check-lists, and more!

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