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Tips for Soliciting Donations & Pledges

Walk-a-thon events are very popular fundraisers in the summer.  They provide an excellent way to raise money for a worthy cause, while getting exercise and enjoying the summer sun.  Below are some quick tips to help you solicit pledges for your walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon, swim-a-thon…or any fundraising event where you are soliciting donations!

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Tips for Soliciting Donations & Pledges:

  • Create an “Action Plan” – including goals, timelines, check-lists, etc.
  • Create a fundraising website to help you explain your mission and easily collect online donations
  • Identify Prospects: Make a list of people and businesses you can target. What other networks of people can you reach out to? (relatives, co-workers, groups you belong to, etc.)
  • Be sure to explain the reason for the fundrasier and how funds collected will be used (Make it personal.  How can potential donors help make a difference?)
  • Write out a script for yourself and practice
  • Monitor progress to stay motivated
  • Distribute note cards at work (or your spouse or parent’s office) with a donation request and link to your website
  • Post announcements on all your social networking sites!  Invite friends to share w/ their friends to help spread the word
  • Send out an email requesting donations with a link to your site
  • Say “Please & Thank You”
  • Try to avoid soliciting door-to-door, but if you have to…be safe!
    • Use the buddy system (and bring an adult if you are less than 18)
    • Collect only during daylight hours
    • Never enter a person’s house
    • Do not carry large amounts of cash. (You may be better off collecting checks or directing people to make online donations via credit card)
    • Do not provide your phone number or address.
    • If you have a personal fundraising website, hand out cards with the website address. This is a great option for people who prefer to pay with credit card.  (you can also leave these behind if nobody is home)

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