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Online Fundraising – How to Get Started

Online Fundraising tools

Online fundraising is here to stay. By implementing tools to help your organization manage all of the moving parts of a fundraising campaign, online fundraising software helps to streamline the fundraising process and raise more money.

So how can you get started with online fundraising if your organization is new to the game? Let’s discuss some basic functions of grassroots fundraising and how to accomplish them online.

Online Fundraising Websites

Creating a central hub where all information can be shared and data can be stored for a fundraising campaign is wise. You can create a customized fundraising website with pictures, logos and statements that explains your cause for the fundraiser. All fundraising event or initiative details are hosted on the online fundraising site including: event or campaign dates, times, locations with links to maps, contact persons and more.

  • Online fundraising software not only makes hosting an online campaign easier for the organizers, but it also provides a place for participants, volunteers, sponsors and community members to engage.
  • Your website provides capabilities for processing all transactions including: participant registration, sponsor and volunteer sign-up, and the ability for donors to make secure, online payments.

Accepting Online Donations

An online fundraising software solution allows for secure payment processing via credit cards and makes the process of collecting donations much easier.  After transactions are made, these tools can track payments, manage recurring donations, and generate various financial reports.

E-Mail Communications

Marketing is about appealing to your audience in order to motivate and shape the perception of your donors.  With email marketing campaigns, you can easily use photos, videos, and stories to accomplish this. With traditional mail, you would need to send out a letter at least a month in advance.  With email, you can send out a mass, customized and personalized email a month out, two weeks out, even days out from your walk-a-thon or gala event. And the best part is that there are virtually no costs involved.

One type of virtual fundraising email is the traditional newsletter email with compelling stories about your work, a short explanation of your mission and why you need the money. The second type is an informal email sent out periodically. This would be a shorter and more personalized note, saying something like, “Hello Dianna, Our pledge drive is going well. . .”  This creates the feeling of a personal relationship with that constituent and allows you to stay in regular contact with a group of donors.

With online fundraising, your network expands globally.  You are now able to reach people across the world, and a donor receiving an email asking them to donate to your cause can immediately help by making a credit card contribution.

It is clear that using virtual fundraising tools will add to the success of your fundraising efforts.  Investing in online fundraising software using the most advanced technology can make all the difference.

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