Corporate Fundraisers

Corporate Fundraising at Your Summer Event

Does your company host an annual summertime employee party?  If so, why not consider hosting a corporate fundraising campaign as part of the event?  This is a great opportunity for your business to partner with a local nonprofit or charity in order to “give back” to the greater good.   Not only will your donations become tax deductions, but the end result help those in need through financial donations received.  It may also spark the media’s attention, getting your company free publicity.  And, by supporting a charitable cause, your company may help build loyalty and respect with employees and vendors, thus contributing to happier employees who feel invested in your organization.

Corporate Fundraising

How to create a fundraiser as part of your annual event

Regardless of the type of corporate fundraising event you choose to organize (i.e. a community picnic, an office trip to a baseball game, a concert and beach party, etc.), there are many easy ways to integrate a fundraising initiative as part of your event.  One great way to raise funds for a charitable cause is through a fundraising raffle.  This is extremely easy to execute.  Prior to the event, your company will reach out to other businesses in the region to request donations.  This could be gift certificates, shopping sprees, free dinners, sporting events tickets, etc.  Then at the event, attendees purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win a number of great prizes!

Adding contests to your event is another way to raise money for a worthy cause, especially for an event such as a charity golf tournament.  Often people are willing to put a little money down as an “entry fee” to be included in a contest for a chance to win a prize.  For a golf tournament, these contests could include: “closest to the pin” or “longest drive”.  There are plenty of unique contests your company could create to help communicate company values and support the mission of your organization.  Perhaps the contests are designed to instill a greater sense of purpose or strengthen relationships with members of a team or department.  For example, if you are a sales-oriented company with regional sales teams, offer a relay race or a scavenger hunt that requires employees to work together to demonstrate teamwork and problem solving.  Prizes do not have to be tangible gifts either, perhaps the winning team gets a free “day off”.

There are plenty of other ways to raise funds for a worthy cause.   Perhaps you want to open your company event up to the local community by organizing a concert or gala dinner to benefit your cause.  Here you charge admission fees which become donations towards the partnering nonprofit or charity.  This type of event would work best for a large organization or a company partnering with other vendors or business partners.  A charity auction is another great way to raise fundraising dollars.  This can be done as a silent auction the day of the event, or online prior to the event where interested parties can view items and make bids online.

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