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4th of July Fundraising

Happy 4th of July!

Fourth of July weekend is officially here, and many independence day celebrations will be happening in cities across the nation.  During this time, many communities host fundraising campaigns in support of a charitable cause or to help fund the various activities that allow US citizens to celebrate our freedom.  Some cities run standard donation drives in order to raise money to fund 4th of July celebratory events such as: fireworks, parades, or free concerts.

4th of July

Often nonprofits or charitable organizations may host a fundraising event to raise funds for their charities.   A “Freedom Walk” is a walk-a-thon event that typically takes place over 4th of July weekend.  As people across the country gather with family and friends and look for ways to celebrate our independence, participating in a walk-a-thon is an excellent ways for people to “give-back” and say “Thanks” for our freedom….all while getting exercise and enjoying quality time with friends and family! Funds are raised through participants collecting pledge donations, as well as offering additional fundraising opportunities (such as a fundraising raffle) on-site the day of the event.

Independence Day is one of the times of year that people dip into their savings and “spend” a little.  Whether it’s on travel expenses for a family vacation, or indulging on a night out on the town for a decadent dinner.  Take advantage of this “giving spirit” by requesting donations or hosting a fundraising event where people can celebrate and give-back!  4th of July weekend could be an excellent time to host a charity dinner and silent auction. If a fancy indoor dinner does not sound appealing during the month of July, why not rent a cruise boat and host a charity dinner cruise where attendees can enjoy the beautiful weather, and a fabulous meal?  Many street fairs or carnivals are also offered 4th of July weekend.  Planning a large community celebration with activities and entertainment can bring in a great deal of funds by charging an admission fee and bringing on local event sponsors.

At this point it’s probably too late to plan a 4th of July Fundraiser, but keep your eyes open this weekend, and take in all the local activities happening.   Notice the various events and fundraising opportunities offered throughout your community.  Perhaps you’ll get some ideas to host an independence day fundraiser next year!

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