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10 Creative Ways for Soliciting Donations

Fundraising isn’t always an easy thing to accomplish, however, with a little guidance and persistence anyone can achieve their goal.  Here are 10 creative ways for soliciting donations to get you started.
Creative Ways for Soliciting Donations

  1. It’s as easy as counting to 10: Ask 10 friends to donate 10 dollars.  Then ask 10 co-workers to donate $10 each.  Ask 10 neighbors to do the same.  How about 10 relatives?  Each “set of 10” raises $100 (and in this example… you’ve just raised $400)
  2. Spare Change: Decorate donation jars with charity logo and inspiring quotes.  Then ask your favorite restaurants, retail locations or community gathering places to put out a jar for donations for spare change donations.
  3. Gift Donations: In lieu of a birthday gift, wedding gift, house-warming gift, etc. ask your friends and family to make a donation to your fundraiser.
  4. Raise Funds Online: Post announcements on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks with a link to make a donation online (a simple “click” with online fundraising software).
  5. Email Donation Requests: Send emails to your friends and family asking for their support in reaching your fundraising goal. Include a link to your fundraising website.
  6. At the Office: Ask your boss if you can post announcements, leave a donation jar in the break-room, or send an internal email with a link where co-workers can make online donations
  7. Place of worship: Ask your local place of worship if they will make an announcement to the congregation, and set up a donation table after services.  (sometimes they may even pass an “extra” donation basket to raise money for a worthy cause)
  8. Host a Home Party: Provide food, drinks, and fun activities (such as “game night”). Charge a donation at the door.
  9. Benefit night at local restaurant or retail store: Partner with a local restaurant or store by asking them to donate a percentage of sales for one day.
  10. Tribute Donations: Encourage donors to make their donations “in honor of”, or “in memory of” someone they know who may have been affected by the cause you are fighting for.

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  1. Very exciting! I’m trying to fundraiser for the children’s ministry at my church. Will news papers or small local news letters and papers put a donations add for me?

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