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Seven Reasons to Use Online Fundraising

Let’s face it, the internet is not going away.  More and more people connect to the internet daily for everything from business to entertainment, so why not tap into the growing potential that the internet can bring to your fundraiser?  Here are seven reasons to use online fundraising to make your event a success!Seven Reasons to Use Online Fundraising

1. Extend Your Reach

The Internet opens your market to many more prospects. You are no longer restricted to your neighborhood, but can reach people from far-away destinations via email and social networking tools. Increased reach means more potential donors…meaning more funds raised!

2. Increase Safety

Online fundraising is safer than traditional fundraising in two ways.  First- it removes risks associated with approaching strangers in door-to-door selling. Second- donations are processed with credit cards via secure online payment processors vs. cash or check transactions.

3. More Personalization

Unique web based services provide participants with the ability to customize the fundraiser.  Participants create their own personal webpage where they can post pictures, tell their story, track their personal goals, send custom communications and monitor progress.  This fundraising website gives participants a place to send potential donors where they can learn not only learn about the cause of the fundraiser, but they can make a more personal emotional connection.

4. Raise Additional Funds

When hosting a fundraiser online, there are plenty of “add-on” opportunities to include in your campaign to raise even more funds.  Whether adding an online charity auction as part of the fundraiser, or offering customized merchandise for sale on the fundraising website, these provide additional opportunities to raise more funds.

5. Reduce Your Costs

Running an online fundraising campaign doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Sending emails and posting messages through your social networks costs nothing.  There are companies that offer online fundraising software for a low cost, allowing administrators to save money and resources with easy-to-use online tools to manage the fundraiser and process online donations. With online fundraising software tools, organizations also save on overhead costs including: excessive staffing, printing forms and brochures, shipping products, postage from mailers, etc.

6. Faster Results

With an online fundraising campaign, everything happens instantaneously. Participants are able to sign up online and immediately create their own fundraising page.  Donations are processed in real-time via secure credit card transactions.  Administrators are able to keep on top of the game with immediate tracking of sales and lead conversions. Communications are streamlined with an online database where email messages can quickly be sent out to participants, donors or sponsors.

7. Online Fundraising is FUN

An online fundraising campaign is not only fun for your group but your supporters as well. Participants will have fun creating their own personal fundraising webpage where they can tell their story.  Team members will enjoy monitoring their progress online and comparing their results to team members.  Administrators will enjoy the ease of logging online to manage all details for the fundraiser and track results.  And, sponsors and supporters will appreciate how simple it is to learn about the cause, make an online donation, upload their logo (for sponsors), post encouraging messages to participants, purchase merchandise or bid on auction items, etc.

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1 thought on “Seven Reasons to Use Online Fundraising

  1. These are excellent points and with the internet as you mentioned in your first point the reach is virtually worldwide, which mean the income potential is almost infinite.

    I also totally agree with point number six where results are pretty much instantaneous. For example if I sell a product on my website I know instantly how much commission I’ll be receiving and donating to charity. You can track results and modify strategies for optimal results.

    I could go on and on about all the points you made but I’ll stop here for now. Thanks again for this great post.


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