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Personalize the Online Fundraising Experience

Whether you’re hosting a walk-a-thon fundraising event, charity auction, or soliciting online donations, the success of your online fundraising campaign lies in the success of each of your individual participants. This is why it is so important to make sure that participants have the tools they need to succeed. Online fundraising experience software tools allow participants to engage with their peers, explain why they personally chose to get involved, and create an emotional connection to the “cause” of the fundraiser.  This is an effective way for them to gain support from family and friends.

Online Fundraising Experience

Guidelines to help Participants Personalize their Online Fundraising Experience Web page

  • Provide an explanation about the cause for the fundraiser, who will benefit from the funds raised, and the reason YOU are participating!
  • Upload a personal photo. Show them your smiling face!
  • Include a mission statement. Why are you doing this?
  • What are your personal goals? How much are you hoping to raise?
  • Include a Fundraising Thermometer, so potential donors can visually see how close you are to reaching your goals.
  • Make Donating Easy! Include quick instructions that direct people to the “Make a Pledge” link where they can easily make online donations
  • Provide Contact Information, so people can contact you with questions
  • Social Networking Links: links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. for your supporters to help spread the word!
  • Communicate throughout the process. Don’t just send a personal invitation to make a donation, but send Thank You emails and be keep supporters updated on your progress.

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