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Fundraising for Sororities and Fraternities

Now that Universities are back in school, many sororities and fraternities are exploring ideas for upcoming university fundraising campaigns.  Charity work is part of being in a fraternity or sorority.  Most houses will host at least one major fundraising event per school year. After all, sororities and fraternities need dollars to stock their campus houses, pay bills and membership dues, created branded clothing and merchandise, raise money for social events and parties, and fund activities during rush week (which is likely happening right now!)

Sororities and Fraternities

This Fall, as brothers and sisters are getting to know new pledges, and members are planning for the upcoming school year events, we thought it would be fun to share some basic guidelines to consider when planning your university fundraiser.

Things to consider when planning a fundraiser for your sorority or fraternity:

  • What time of year will you host your fundraiser?  Is the weather nice, so an outdoor fundraising event would be appropriate (such as a walk-a-thon or charity golf tournament)? is it around the holidays where a shopping fundraising discount card would be appropriate?
  • What budget and resources do you have?  Planning an event has up-front costs (such as venue rental, materials, food/beverage, promotional expenses, etc), and any fundraiser requires volunteer resources.
  • How will you promote your university fundraiser?  If using a fundraising website to collect donations, encourage brothers and sisters to post links from social networking sites. You can also link from your sorority or fraternity website and send emails to family members, student and alumni lists. Be sure to send press releases to college newspapers, and add events to online campus calendars.
  • Make Collecting Donations Easy!  College students have classes, homework, house duties or chores, some of them may have jobs or volunteer obligations, and a social life outside of your house.  Be conscious of their time, and make the fundraiser fun for them! With online fundraising software tools, students will have fun creating a personalized fundraising webpage where they can easily send email donations requests, share links, and collect donations…saving them time and allowing them to collect more money faster!
  • Consider the message that you’ll be communicating with your fundraising initiative. Remember the fundraiser is a reflection on your sorority or fraternity…what you stand for.  In addition, the entire fundraising process and experiences gained from the fundraising campaign will be something that all members will learn from.
    • Do you want plan a fundraiser that embodies the spirit and excitement of “brotherhood or sisterhood”? If so consider an event where bonding takes place: a team scavenger hunt, relay race, etc.
    • Do you want to host a fundraiser that demonstrates how your give back to the campus community? Consider a fundraiser that “gives-back” such as a community serve-a-thon.
    • Are you interested in a fundraiser that the whole school will talk about…a funny contest or fashion show?
    • Is your fundraiser aimed at education? Perhaps a “study-a-thon” (variation of a walk-a-thon) would be appropriate prior to midterms, or maybe you want to offer tutoring services or study sessions?

Whatever fundraiser you decide on, with proper planning, you’ll be sure to succeed!  Be sure to check out fraternity fundraising and sorority fundraising for more creative ideas, and visit our Fundraising Tips section for more helpful planning tips.

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Sororities and Fraternities

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