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Best Practices for Promoting Your Fundraiser Online

The growth of the Internet and online technologies has created tremendous opportunities for nonprofits and community organizations to reach new potential donors and market fundraising events in new ways.  Yet, with so many different possibilities available for promoting your fundraiser online, it’s helpful to develop a targeted strategy that outlines how you intend to spread awareness of your cause, recruit participants, and attract potential donors and sponsors via the web. The key is to be focused, and therefore more efficient, when outlining marketing initiatives for your online fundraising campaign.

Promoting Your Fundraiser Online

Below are a few online techniques to consider for promoting your fundraiser online:

  • Create a Dedicated Event Website: Build a professional, informative fundraising website that is easy to navigate. Use this site as your fundraising hub — a place to share information with all audiences: participants, donors, sponsors, and volunteers.  (Be sure to include a link to this website in all of your online marketing efforts!)
  • Social Networking:  Keep followers and fans informed with blog posts and updated announcements about fundraising event activities, donations received to-date and how much is needed to reach your goals.
  • Media Outreach: Reach out to targeted media organizations to promote your fundraiser. Distribute press releases and media advisories online to announce your fundraising event.
  • Email Marketing: Creating targeted email communications is still an excellent way to reach a various audiences including: potential participants, donors, volunteers and sponsors.  Consistent updates can help you stay top-of-mind and allow participants and donors to share your message with their network of friends.

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