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Here’s an interesting idea for a different kind of Fall Fundraiser….a Photo fundraiser!  Fall is a very popular time for taking pictures.  Seniors often decide to do their “senior photos” during the Fall when the leaves are changing, which could make this idea perfect for a school fundraiser.  This could also be a great idea for a high school or university fundraising group supporting students majoring in photography. It gives students some real experience, while helping them raise money for photo equipment, educational retreats, etc.

Many families are also ready for a family photo-shoot for the ever-popular annual holiday cards.  And, parents are always excited to capture pictures of their children all dressed up for Halloween.  (perhaps there is even a Halloween fundraising event happening in your community that would be interested in offering a photo service as part of the event?)

How it works…

Partner with a local photographer and offer discounted rates or special packages to give your customers a low rate and send a percentage of profits back to your cause.  (or if you are a photography group, offer your own services, source printing partnerships and take in even more profit)

Advertise the fundraising promotion to students, businesses, churches and the surrounding community.    Remember, photographers make money off more than just the “photo shoot”.  They also charge for final pictures ordered, framing, printing postcards, etc. So be sure to negotiate your commission fees up front.

Set up a fundraising website where people can get more information about the fundraiser, see sample photos, and schedule a time for their photo-shoot.  In the event that someone is not interested in the actual photo service, leave an option available where people can make safe and secure online donations.  People often like to contribute to a worthy cause, even if they are unable to physically participate or attend an actual fundraising event.

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