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Educational Fundraising Ideas

Educational FundraisingIn this article we will discuss some powerful ways to gather people through hosting an educational fundraising event geared towards teaching and inspiring your constituents to donate to your cause. Everyone loves to learn.  Offering public education is a highly effective way to heighten awareness about your cause, so your audience understands the need and benefit for their donations. These educational fundraising ideas and examples are intended to get your creative minds working in a direction to inspire your audiences to make donations, while benefiting from expanding their minds through knowledge and learning new skills.

Below are a few examples.

  • Host a school fundraiser aimed at raising funds for educational development.  The school could offer a series of 1-hour lectures for 4-6 weeks on various educational topics.  These topics could be anything that may be beneficial to students and parents and could include: CPR basics, preparing families and students for college, responding to bullying, teaching your children to give-back to the community, etc.  This type of fundraiser conveys a positive message to your community about the wonderful programs your school offers and the positive effects they have on your children.  This can also be an excellent way to attract media attention, as local news is always interested in covering stories that have a positive impact on the community.
  • Another example would be for an organization fighting to increase awareness about a specific type of Cancer or to educate about the increase in childhood obesity to host a lecture series on healthy lifestyle.  Topics could include education about cancer prevention or teaching your audience the benefits of the basic 6 health practices such as: good nutrition, exercise, massage, meditation, communication and cognitive practices.
  • Consider hosting your fundraising lecture in conjunction with a luncheon or breakfast fundraiser.  It may be easier to charge a larger entry-fee if food and beverages our served.  In addition, mingling with your constituents at such events is an excellent way to start to build a long-term relationship with community members and potential donors.
  • Another wonderful theme for an educational fundraising event would be to add an outing such as a nature hike, physical activity, or a location tour.  Obviously it would make sense to tie your field trip into your cause.  For example:  a nature hike would be an excellent way for an environmental organization to inform about ways to help protect the environment, where a tour of a children’s hospital would be appropriate for a group raising funds to support families of children diagnosed with terminal diseases.

Raising Funds

So how do you raise money through educational fundraisers?  First, you can charge a small admission fee for attendees to sign up for the different lectures or events.  Reach out to industry experts and ask them to donate their time as a guest lecturer.  They may be able to help you attract a larger audience.  You can also promote the fundraiser through the community online.  Set up an online fundraising website.  Here you can provide more information about the lecture series topics or educational activity, offer registration, and accept online donations.  Often people may choose to give-back to a worthy cause simply by simply making a donation, rather than actually attending an event.  Therefore it’s beneficial to provide an easy way for members of the community to do so.  There are also a number of fun activities you could include as part of your lecture series for additional revenue.  Perhaps you are interested in offering a fundraising raffle where lecture attendees purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win great prizes.  Reach out to local businesses to request donations for prizes.  Then raffle a few prizes at your event or each week of the lecture series.

There are an endless number of subjects and valuable information you can present in your educational fundraiser, as well as a variety of ways to execute your campaign.  For more helpful fundraising resources, free templates and creative ideas, visit DoJiggy’s online fundraising resource center.

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