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Fundraising Tips & Tools for Event Participants

Fundraising campaigns are a common way for many non-profits, schools, churches and other organizations to raise money for their cause, or to fund projects, developmental resources, etc.  We also know that there are numerous fundraising resources available to help organizations plan & manage these fundraising initiatives.  (We provide quite a few ourselves!)

But what about fundraising tools for event Participants?

Tools for Event Participants

What tools are available to help individuals be more successful in their fundraising efforts?  After all, often the overall success of a fundraiser lies in the hands of each of the individual participants.  These individuals are the ones reaching out to family, friends and associates to request donations. The participants are the ones suiting up the morning of the walk-a-thon…”walking” to make a difference.  Is your organization providing the best tools to help them make the most of their walk-a-thon or other fundraising event?

DoJiggy has recently created a Participant Fundraising Library providing tools and templates to help “a-thon” event participants and team captains be more successful in their fundraising efforts.

Some of our Helpful Participant Fundraising Resources Include:

  • Tips to having a great event day: helpful hints to help participants keep positive, prepared and prevent accidents such as: eating & dressing properly, event day “to-do’s” and advice for follow-up.
  • Tips for collecting donations: guidelines to help participants get organized in their solicitation efforts including: identifying prospects, creating an action plan, establishing goals, setting up a fundraising website, tips to help promote the event, etc.
  • Sample Timelines: An easy check-list participants can use to ensure they aren’t falling behind in their efforts.
  • Example Donation Request Letters and Thank-You’s:  Participants can easily open these sample letters and customize them in order to create a simple donation-request and thank you letter or email to send to all of their prospects.
  • Downloadable Templates: there are many helpful forms participants will want access to such as: offline donation request forms, participant waivers, walk-a-thon flyers, etc.
  • Software Instructions: If your organization has decided to implement on online fundraising software solution, such as DoJiggy Crowdfund, you’ll want clear instructions for how to set up your personal webpage, collect donations and track your fundraising progress.

Resources for Team Captains:

  • Team Recruitment Talking Points: helpful hints to help team captains get members to sign up for their team!
  • Tips for Motivating Team Members: the team captain’s job is to be sure that all participants are well prepared and equipped for the fundraiser.  Knowing how to motivate and assist can help them achieve greater success.
  • Sample letters and thank you’s: team captains will also want communication tools to reach out to team members and potential donors.

Please visit the Fundraising Library to access these helpful fundraising resources, and check out our walk-a-thon resources for more helpful walk-a-thon tips and tools…and Yes, do share with your friends!

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Tools for Event Participants

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