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Designing An Impactful Fundraising Website

The look and feel of your fundraising website design can serve as a great marketing tool in your fundraising efforts. Here are some graphic design tips for creating a great looking and impactful site for your campaign.

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Fundraising Website Templates

• Selecting an easy-to-use fundraising website template with graphic design features already incorporated allows you to create great-looking, professional fundraising websites customized to match the look and feel of your organization. A state-of-the art template design possesses all of the work and insight of the best graphic designers in their field. It’s much more affordable than doing your own design work, and starting out with a fantastic fundraising template design that you don’t have to alter or second guess is invaluable.


• Photographs speak a thousand words. Selecting meaningful photos to use within your fundraising website design that reflect your cause can be very effective in reaching the public. Pictures speak to the heart, and carefully selected photos can motivate your audience to become involved in your event. We recommend Istock Photo for stock photos at a reasonable cost.


• Color selection can also have a great impact on the effectiveness of your fundraising campaign. Colors have the power to affect our thoughts and feelings, and can be used as a communication tool. Colors can mean different things to various cultures, therefore selecting a combination of colors that are aesthetically appealing is very important for an effective fundraising website template.


• The size and shape of your font is another design factor that can impart messages to your audience. Fonts are paralleled to handwriting and express emotion and personality. Subliminal messages are powerful and can have a real impact on the success of your event. Utilizing consistent, current and aesthetically appealing fonts and font colors can portray your organization in a more positive light.

Your online fundraising campaign has the potential to be much more successful if your first impression is positive. How your fundraising website appears to your audience can greatly impact their perception of your organization and your cause.

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