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Fundraising Ideas at Work

Inspiring your coworkers to contribute to your charitable cause can be easier than you think especially around the Holiday Season.  You have the advantage of being present with them each day, and can educate them about your cause and offer easy ways for them to contribute in person or through online donations.  Here are some great tips for fundraising ideas at work!

Fundraising Ideas at Work

Donations Drive

  • Ask your supervisors for 5 minutes during a weekly staff meeting to make a presentation regarding your cause.
  • Show them your online fundraising website during your presentation on a large screen so that they can see your photos and learn more about your cause.  This will be inspiring and encouraging, and will give you an opportunity to educate them regarding your efforts while showing them your overall fundraising goal.
  • Follow-up with an email including your thanks and enclose a link to your fundraising website making it extremely easy for co-workers to make an online contribution.  They will be able to make donations from their desktops and can revisit your website…or better yet—they can forward the link to vendors and business associates!
  • Offer them a physical place to bring donations such as a gift table in the lobby, reception area or conference room.
  • Make sure to thank everyone for their gifts and donations during your Holiday party and staff meeting.

Auction Fundraising

  • An online silent auction is a great way to raise dollars for your cause while creating a fun way to generate some competition amongst your co-workers!
  • A display table featuring the auction items in your office conference room or reception area could showcase the great items included.
  • Including the donor’s name on the display table, whether it’s from a coworker or coffee shop down the street, offers everyone an opportunity to share in the joy of giving.
  • Your silent auction website could hold the capacity for online donations which can be made aside from the auction itself, and would open the auction bidding up to new potential guests including customers and vendors.

Gala Fundraising Event

  • Hosting a gala fundraising event following an online auction or donation drive during the Holidays or anytime of the year can be great way to celebrate the fundraising success of everyone involved.
  • Your gala fundraiser could be a dinner or luncheon event including ticket sales (where proceeds from sales go directly to your cause).
  • Office parties are always fun and positive, and provide a great way to thank all employees for their hard work and contributions to your fundraising cause.
  • Consider bringing in entertainers, music or fun games and fundraising contests.
  • Be sure to ask your employer for help covering any costs, as they may be able to make a tax-deductible donation for supporting a charitable cause.


Generating a mood of gift giving is a great way to elevate the moral in your office.  Creative fundraising ideas at work will lend themselves to bonding with your coworkers in doing good work together. Team building will be strengthened by your fundraising efforts and will lay the groundwork for increased donations to your worthy cause.

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