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Streamlining the Planning Process of Your Events

Recently we shared a guest post with The Fundraising Authority (a great resource to find any information about fundraising)  The post discussed the importance of streamlining the planning process using online tools in order to increase efficiencies and in-turn, raise more money for your fundraising events.

Streamlining the Planning Process

Utilize Online Tools

Today there are many tools available to help administrators with streamlining the planning process.  By utilizing online fundraising software, event planners have access to all event details in one centralized place.  Participants can register for the event online, spread awareness and easily collect online donations all on the organization’s fundraising website.  Simultaneously, administrators are able to easily update event information, communicate with various parties involved and manage all details of the event including participant registrations, sponsorships, merchandising sales, and tracking progress.

Smooth Day-of-Event Operations

Event planners may also utilize various reports in an effort to be more organized on the event day.   Participant registration lists can be printed prior to the event allowing for easier event check-in.  As participants and/or sponsors sign in volunteers have detailed information about the person, their fundraising accomplishments, items they have purchased, sponsor benefits, VIP status, etc.  There are also event checklists that serve as a guide from set-up through the close of the event to ensure nothing is forgotten.  Remember…often registration is the first impression participants, sponsors, donors and attendees will have.  This is a representation of your fundraiser and your organization, so you’ll want to do all you can to avoid bottle-necks and keep things running smoothly!

Easily Manage Ancillary Events to Raise More

If a charity auction is part of your fundraising event, online auction software allows for easy tracking and management of various auction items and bids, safely processes payments, and can also help kick-start the bidding process at your event.


Whatever fundraising event you decide on, there are plenty of tools available to assist organizers in their planning efforts.  Keep in mind, the more organized you are…the easier execution will be.  Not only that, but taking the time to put efficient processes into place NOW, will only make planning fundraising events that much easier (and more successful) in future years. Read the full article on The Fundraising Authority.

Follow our Ultimate Guide to Event Planning for Nonprofits to create an extraordinary fundraiser and turn out an exceptional charity campaign.

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Fundraising Event Types for Streamlining the Planning Process

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