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Travel Incentives for Your Fundraiser

Is your nonprofit or community organization interested in providing low-cost travel incentives which can be used as participant or donor incentives to enhance your fundraising efforts?  Or maybe you are looking for special gifts to give to volunteers who’ve dedicated their time and energy to make your fundraising event go off without a hitch.   Whatever the reason…travel incentives provide organizations with a unique way to motivate, reward and thank constituents.

Travel Incentives

How does it work?

Travel incentives are typically purchased “in bulk” in advance of your fundraiser.  The actual type of travel incentive may range from a 3-night hotel stay; to a cruise getaway; to a week-long luxury vacation (with prices starting at only $15 per voucher).  They can then be used for motivating and rewarding participants and donors to go the extra mile in support of your cause, as well as thanking volunteers, sponsors, and team captains.

Here are a few specific examples:

  • If you are hosting a walk-a-thon event where various teams register under a specific group or captain, this could be a great way to thank team captains for leading and motivating their teams to accomplish established goals.  Or perhaps travel incentives could be used as a prize for the top performing participants–those who were able to raise the most pledge donations. Potential prizes can be highlighted on your fundraising website in an effort to motivate participants and their donors to raise more funds.
  • Another possibility for travel incentives is to offer these as “thank you” gifts for donors who contribute a specified amount.  Say anyone who donates $250+ receives a travel voucher as a “gift” to thank them for their generous contribution.  This can be a great way to push the needle a bit and increase donation amounts from individual donors.
  • Raffle prizes are another great use for travel incentives.  These can be used at a gala fundraiser or any fundraising event.  Typically raffle tickets will be sold at the beginning of the night when registrants check in.  Prizes are listed on the event program or displayed and attendees have the choice to purchase raffle tickets for a chance to win fabulous prizes. Fundraising raffles can be an exciting part of your fundraising event and a great way to raise additional dollars!
  • If you have brought on sponsors to provide financial assistance and help promote your fundraising event throughout the community, travel incentives can be a great way to thank them for their support.  Included in sponsor benefit packages, you can outline the type of travel vouchers that will be included with their level of sponsorship.  Companies at the top-tier level may receive numerous travel incentives, which they can use for employee rewards and prizes.

Regardless of how you choose to distribute the travel incentives (gifts, thank you’s, prizes, etc.) the goal is for these to add value to your fundraising event and hopefully help you generate more funds for your cause.  The cost of purchasing the travel vouchers will likely be minimal compared to the money sponsoring companies are investing in your fundraiser or monies received from raffle ticket sales…yet, the value of the prizes is far greater than what you spend (making the prizes that much more appreciated!)

Visit our fundraising marketplace to more about integrating travel incentives, low-risk auction items, and customized fundraising merchandise as part of your online fundraising campaigns!



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