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Need a new fundraising idea? Most non-profit organizations are always looking for fresh ideas to keep their online fundraising fun and their organization’s constituents engaged.

While fundraising merchandise sales are hardly new, they have just been revolutionized! Remember when you had to purchase a large quantity of a product up front and then resell it to make a profit. Unsold items and missing sales envelopes meant headache and loss of revenue for your organization. Not to mention lugging around all of those boxes of chocolates.

Merchandise SalesNow imagine your organization’s online merchandise store which features custom fundraising merchandise designed specifically for your organization and/or fundraising events. Each of your constituents or event participants can personalize their fundraising merchandise purchases with their name, the name of a loved one, a photo or a personalized message. At the same time, your organization maintains control of the branded aspects of the merchandise including color, logo placement, and references to sponsors, which ensures increased awareness about the cause…And the best part is that a portion of each sale goes to your nonprofit organization with no money up front and no minimum sales commitments.

Nonprofit merchandise sales are a great fundraising option for:

Your merchandise options can include: t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, water bottles, key chains and much more. Your organization can choose from a catalog of items that fit your constituency’s needs and budgets.

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