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Social Media in Fundraising Campaigns

Social Media in Fundraising CampaignsSocial media encompasses a myriad of online technology tools. The first names that come to mind are usually social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, however, email, blogs, and podcasts are all considered to be social media tools. There are some important aspects for nonprofit organizations to recognize about these tools, principally, that they are interactive. In addition, the basis of social media is that it is a user-generated engine that instigates a communication system essential to the fundraising possibilities of an organization. It is also the preferred method of communication for an emerging generation of donors and volunteers, and embracing it allows nonprofit organizations to tap into that source when managing their fundraising campaigns. Read on to find out how to harness the power of social media in fundraising campaigns.

Getting Started with Social Media Fundraising

It is not enough to simply create a Facebook page or tweet information from time to time (though anything is probably better than nothing). The interactive nature of social media requires that nonprofit organizations enter into an honest and stimulating conversation with their supporters during their fundraising campaigns. This relationship must be maintained with the publication of results and updates on current activities. Spend at least 15 minutes per day updating your profiles, posting messages or tweets and keeping up with your constituents. Add links to your social media sites on all of your emails and on your organization’s website and engage with your constituents.

If managed well an organization can greatly increase its fundraising capacity in addition to extending its member base. Just as your non-profit needs a fundraising strategy, you’ll need a social media policy and strategy to get started.

Tell Your Organization’s Story

Social media and fundraising are done best when you tell stories. Tell your story and share the personal impact your organization has made with pictures. People will respond and join in your campaigns. This is the start of social media.

Motivate Your Supporters

Social media aids fundraising efforts with its autonomy for individuals in promoting the causes they believe in. This method is often called distributed fundraising or social fundraising and DoJiggy has capitalized on this strength with its Crowdfunding software platform. Using DoJiggy’s software, participants customize their own personal fundraising pages where they receive donations for their participation in a cause-oriented fundraising event. They can easily email friends and family and link to their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts to solicit support. The independence of the individual in managing their fundraising effort fosters empowerment and takes the burden of centralized responsibility from the event administrators. This type of peer-to-peer fundraising is most common in events like walk-a-thons or bike-a-thon fundraisers.

Many organizations report raising two to three times more funds by promoting their events on Social Media with the DoJiggy platform.

Online Fundraising Software for Social Media in fundraising campaigns


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More Social Media Fundraising Tips

Only about half of nonprofit organizations actively use social media today. Learn how to run an effective social media fundraising campaign using these 15 great tips.

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