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Unique Fundraising Walk Ideas

Creative and effective fundraising walk ideas can serve as year round fundraising and relationship building opportunities for your organization. Important bonds can be created with your community during an entertaining walk-a-thon, and the celebration, success and public education offered by your fundraising walk will long be in the minds and hearts of your donors. Utilizing unique fundraising walk ideas also sets your walk-a-thon apart from the many others that are likely happening within your community.

Let’s discuss some specific fundraising walk ideas here:

Fundraising Walk Ideas1. DOG WALKS: Opting to put a furry spin on your annual walk-a-thon by expanding its participant audience to our favorite four-legged friends is a creative fundraising walk idea successfully used by many organizations. Dogs walks are an especially nice fundraising walk idea for humane associations, shelters, and organizations with an animal focus. Planning a dog walk-a-thon follows many of the same familiar steps of a regular walk-a-thon, but specific needs exist for accommodating both your human and canine friends.

2. HOLIDAY THEMED WALKS: Another great fundraising walk idea as Easter approaches is hosting an Easter egg hunt. This can be Fundraising Walk Ideas easter eggsdone with real, decorated eggs or plastic eggs with numbers corresponding to prizes or candy.   When the hunt is over, prizes may be given out for various achievements, such as the largest number of eggs collected, and a grand prize for finding the Easter basket or special egg.  Awarding a prize for the best rabbit costume, and having a photographer on board for this colorful fundraising event would certainly add to the fun.  This is a great idea for kids and school fundraising, but adults like to play too.

3. GREEN WALKS: More  fundraising walk ideas involve a green themed event.  Including stations along the way that educate folks on green technology, ecology and conservation can be fun and educational.  Stations such as a bat cave during Halloween can scare people, and educate them about the importance and decline of our bat populations, or a rain forest filled with plants, birds and tigers. Inviting green technology companies to set up camp along your walking path can serve to educate the public on conservation efforts, and offer a great benefit and incentive for them to sponsor your event.

Fundraising Walk IdeasFree assistance for planning and managing  these fundraising walk ideas and more can be found at the DoJiggy Walk-a-thon Resource Center. Recruiting participants & sponsors, using online fundraising software, tips for marketing your walk-a-thon and much more are included within this comprehensive center.

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