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Video Fundraising Elements and Styles

Video fundraising appeals are a unique way for nonprofit organizations to communicate their needs effectively and reach a wide, online audience.  Like television ads for political campaigns, the public is moved by performances of human beings asking for help as opposed to just reading an appeal. The key elements in video fundraising involve the content, length, style and sound.

Video Content Video Fundraising

The story of your organization can be told in a number of ways.  If your organization is planning a walk-a-thon, a select group of your participants can state why they are walking and share their individual passion for your cause.

Another strategy is to feature your lead staff members in telling stories of the history of their work, sharing feelings and stating their commitment to your organization.  Or, recipients of the funds you have raised could state the ways your organization has changed their lives.  Video fundraising styles for such appeals vary and can include footage of the places you work,  interviews or both.

Video fundraising appeals rarely ask for money, rather they place the unique strengths that make your work successful and deserving of support in the forefront of your message.

Keeping your video between approximately 3 and 7 minutes in length is a good idea so as to maintain the attention of your audience.

Video Fundraising IdeasVideo Sound

Some online fundraising videos chose to have upbeat music playing which communicates action.   Other appeals use soft, sentimental music which pulls at the tender strings of our hearts.  Both are equally as effective in motivating donors to give to your cause.  The rhythm of the music you select should carry the tempo of your story.  Words, pictures and music can effectively join together in concert to create a dynamic video fundraising appeal.

Online video fundraising appeals are a powerful tool in that they speak, person-to-person, to millions of Internet users worldwide.  For more information regarding online fundraising software and a host of strategies and resources visit DoJiggy.

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