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Church Fundraising: Spreading the Word

While Church Fundraising has been around for years, it is taking on a new personality in light of technological advances in communication. Today’s churches must motivate their busy congregations to financially support capital and special program needs, as well as provide care for the disadvantaged members of their community. This is a lot to take on, especially given that families are so busy with work and school activities. So as the internet and social media create change within our daily lives at an ever increasing rate, churches are going online to facilitate community building and unique forms of fundraising.

Church Fundraising

Benefits of online church fundraising

The benefits of online church fundraising may include:
• Strengthening of faith for your active fundraising congregation members
• Raising funds for development of church resources and educational programs
• Bringing people and talents together in new and fun ways outside of typical worship
• Providing great opportunities to socialize and get to know members of the congregation better

Church Fundraising Ideas

Many groups make up a church body and these groups offer a great opportunity for community building through fundraising efforts. Church groups include men’s and women’s groups, social interest groups, and local and international mission initiatives. All of these groups can utilize online fundraising to foster their activities.

Here are some examples of faith-based groups conducting successful church fundraising efforts:

DoJiggy has created an online resource center specifically designed to aide churches and communities of faith in their fundraising efforts. Resources include information on church contributions software, unique church fundraising ideas, mission trip fundraising and more.

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