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Church Youth Fundraisers: A New Generation

Churches and communities of faith look to their youth for hope of a bright future to come. New generations offer a fresh perspective of our values and traditions, and are a driving force towards progress. The philosophies of “giving back” and “being the change” have come to define the motivations of today’s younger generation. Your church can help fuel this spirit by hosting church youth fundraisers.

Mission trip fundraising for Church Youth Fundraisers

Church youth fundraisers teach our youth important skills in community and relationship building. Successful fundraising events are not only fun but provide them with a sense of purpose, in addition to strengthening their faith. Another benefit of church youth fundraising programs is that children learn to become service leaders while helping their church meet its financial needs.

Today’s youth spend much of their time online and using social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter. So providing an online presence for youth groups to manage and promote their fundraising events will not only help to engage youth, but likely result in greater financial success for your church youth fundraisers.

Church Youth FundraisersHere are some creative fundraising ideas for your church youth fundraisers:
Community Serve-a-thons: There’s no better way for youths to look outside of themselves to the needs of the community than by participating in service to populations in need. Through a serve-a-thon youth groups raise money by soliciting donations for their community service efforts
• Church Talent Show: Charge an entry fee and award prizes to winners. Greater fundraising success is eminent with the addition of an online raffle or silent auction as part of the event.
• Golf tournaments and golf-a-thons allow youth to participate or caddy your tournaments.
• Online auctions are one of the easiest fundraisers to organize and can be used to support community of faith and school initiatives.
• Another type of youth initiative involves applying compassion to action in the international community. Mission trip fundraising is often a part of the initiation process in confirming their commitment to a spiritual community

There is no doubt of the positive impact and important role that youths play in mobilizing churches. Engaging them in creative fundraising endeavors will help to shape their community today and create a stronger institution for tomorrow.

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1 thought on “Church Youth Fundraisers: A New Generation

  1. I think there’s truth to your statement of, ‘The philosophies of “giving back” and “being the change” have come to define the motivations of today’s younger generation.’ But I find it’s often something people — young or old — need to experience before they understand it, and that lack of understanding leads them to not want to volunteer, so it’s a little Catch-22. That church talent show sounds like a good idea for drawing in youth though.

    One of the things we’ve found in our research is the correlation between volunteering and giving. A 2009 Fidelity study found that non-volunteers give an average of $230 a year to nonprofits. The average volunteer, however, gives close to $2,600 — over 11 times as much (and they’re usually giving where they volunteer).

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